I cannot recommend Dr. Sassani and his team enough. I came into his office in literal tears, I had neglected to go to the dentist for a few years and was paying for it with a very bad infection. Dr. Sassani was very empathetic, his first and foremost goal was to relieve me of my immediate pain, and that he did. From there, he developed a simple plan to get my dental health back in order. That was a few months ago, and today I just went in to finish my crown and get the last few cavities taken care of (we had put a temporary on and waited for the new year for my insurance to renew). I finally have a healthy mouth again and a huge burden of stress has been taken off my shoulders because of this

John A. Yelp 2017

DR Andre Sassani is an artist. He works quickly and gently, handling injections, fillings, crowns and you-name-it with ease. As he works, he asks if your'e ok, tells you what he's doing, answers questions, provides guidance. He is respectful of your time. He is polite to his staff.
Office staff is delightful, professional, kind. Hygenist is gentle and full of information.
It's a win all around.

Yelp Review April 2015

Description of Experience: My husband had two wisdom teeth that were causing him significant pain. In addition, he had not been seeing a dentist regularly for an extended period of time due to unfortunate experiences with dentists earlier in his life.
Member Comments: My husband is still raving about Dr. Sassani. He and his staff were very calming, supportive, informative, and not condescending or judgmental about my husband's dental condition. They were extremely flexible with appointment times and did their best to get him in as soon as possible, even calling when other patients cancelled their appointments to see if he wanted those earlier spots.
When he was finally in the chair, they checked on him during his procedures (cleanings and extractions) frequently to make sure he was comfortable and coping well, and everyone was very friendly. Even when they were having issues with some of his deep cleaning, they remained positive and supportive which really helped my husband overcome his fear of the whole experience. I know my husband is challenging on a good day; they made an excellent impression on his first visit with them, and he will be using them regularly from now on and looks forward to his next visit. That's what I call a success story

S. Freeman Angies list, Oct 2015

They called me on Friday to remind me of my scheduled routine cleaning. I then realized that I had never called back to reschedule an appt that I had to cancel at the last minute as I was in ER with a gallbladder attack. I mentioned to Teresa if we could possibly fit that appt in as well since I would be off work and there already. NO PROBLEM fit me in! I got an excellent education about bacteria and plaque while Donna was cleaning my teeth and then they moved me over to the next chair and Dr. Sassani did the "missed appt" work...AWESOME!

A. Staton, Angies list, April 2014

He is a very good dentist, and his staff is friendly. They provide very good service. The office environment is very attractive - it is clean and well-lit. I would continue to use him in the future.

B. May Angies list, Nov 2012

I was one of those people deathly afraid of dentists. Well Dr. Sassani and his staff are one of a kind. Not only do they make you feel at ease, but even procedures that would normally keep me away have been unbelievable. I can't say enough about his office and staff!! AND again, I was so afraid (and still am at times) but Dr. Sassani and his staff made such a difference, truly.

Susan R. Yelp review, May 2012

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